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The deliciousness of long stick marshmallow seduces everyone

Long stick marshmallow is different from the traditional cotton candy, showing an eye-catching strip shape. The soft, cloud-like cotton candy bar, each section is wrapped in pink icing, like a sweet rainbow blooming in soft silk thread.
Under a bite, the sweet taste dances on the tip of the tongue, and the soft cotton candy gradually melts in the mouth. This is not only a taste enjoyment, but also a sweet fantasy journey. The frosting melts between the tongues, releasing the sweetness of multiple fruits, as if the taste of summer orchards bloomed in the mouth.At the moment of biting, the soft and dense taste seems to bring a unique pleasant experience. The soft and silky taste lingers between the teeth, and the sweet taste echoes in the mouth for a long time. The sweetness of cotton candy is accompanied by soft taste, which perfectly blends sweetness and softness, making people intoxicated and forgetting the surrounding noise.
This strip marshmallow is not only a dessert, but also an extension of fun. Like magic in fairy tales, it makes people find the happiness of childhood in sweetness. Every bite is a story of memories, and every piece is a wonderful taste adventure, which brings endless sweetness and joy.

26g Chips marshmallow
26g*50bags*4boxes /ctn
As picture
Shelf life
9 Months
Can be customized in different colours and flavours.
Store conditions
Store in cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.


long stick marshmallow

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