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Assorted color jelly bean

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The world of candy is colorful, and our Assorted color jelly bean (jelly bean) is definitely a bright pearl in this candy paradise. Whether it is sweet temptation or rich taste, our jelly bean can satisfy your taste buds and become an ideal choice for you to export candy.

Product features

1. Assorted color jelly bean tastes good

Our mixed color jelly bean is famous for its unique formula and taste. Every jelly bean contains rich fruit flavors, from oranges to strawberries to blueberries, so that your taste buds can be satisfied at every bite. No artificial pigment is added, and the pure natural taste will bring you pure sweet enjoyment.

2. There are many kinds

Our mixed color jelly bean has a variety of flavors and color combinations to ensure that your customers can choose their favorite styles according to their own tastes. From classic fruit flavors to innovative mixed flavors, our product line covers all possible choices, bringing unlimited possibilities to your candy store.

3. Unique shape

The designer carefully designs each jelly bean, with different shapes and colorful colors. It is not only a delicious candy, but also a small work of art. Whether it is used for children’s parties or adults’ parties, it can be the highlight of the occasion.

4. Wholesale, customizable and OEM.

We provide flexible purchasing services, whether you want to wholesale a large number of sweets or customize products that belong to your brand, we can meet your needs. In addition, we also provide OEM services to ensure that your brand can stand out in the market.

5. One-stop procurement service

In order to facilitate your purchase, we provide one-stop service. Just tell us your needs, and we will provide you with all-round support.


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