• Where to buy the Pattern Marshmallow?

    Where to buy the Pattern Marshmallow? We can make normal marshmallow,jam filling marshmallow and sour flavour marshmallows before but from this year we launch new equipment to make pattern marshmallows. We can make halal pattern marshmallow with different shapes,colors and flavours for your choi...
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  • The infinite possibilities of cotton candy

    In the childhood memories of contemporary youth, there must be a soft cotton candy with Q bombs. At present, the simple marshmallows candy have become more beautiful and interesting with the progress of craftsmanship. As a kin...
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  • Plant gummy candy

    At present, consumers are paying more and more attention to the source of ingredients in products, from the inside out, more green and environmentally friendly ingredients are becoming more and more attractive to consumers. In...
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  • Gummy type comparison

    At present, the more common soft candies on the domestic market include: gelatin candy, pectin candy, carrageenan, etc. The main component of gelatin is protein, which is degraded by collagen in connective tissues such as animal skin, bone, sarcolemma, and muscle charm. ...
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